Bike Hacking Team – Join for Free!

We have a chance to showcase our skills with this one.  The team is open to everyone and there are no fees.  Contributions are greatly appreciated though in both the area of funding and materials.  The project is a bike that will be modified to enhance the riding experience.  That can come in the form of sensors that can connect to your phone and relay data about your ride, a new idea for lights to improve safety, a display on the handlebars for augmented reality…..  You get the idea, it’s wide open at this point.  The deadline is March 23rd.  The project will be displayed for the Atlanta Science Festival.  We are trying to keep the core team down to between 6-8 people.  The subject will be a 10 speed 27″ (that may change after our first meeting).

First Meeting Registration Link

Andres Torres

Andres Torres

I’ve always had an interest in electronics and robotics. I have been tinkering ever since I can remember. Running the makerspace was just a natural next step. I like sharing the knowledge and experiences I've accumulated over the years.

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