1. What is a Makerspace?  A makerspace (also known as a hackspace or a makelab) is a community workspace offering access to specialty & high-tech tools as well as classes & work areas for anyone who desires to be creative.  It is also a great place to meet, socialize and collaborate with others who have similar passions… experiment, innovate and take your ideas to the next level!For more detailed information about makerspaces, visit the Wikipedia here.
  2. How are classes and workshops defined and what’s the difference?  Classes are structured and follow a curriculum and are usually led by one of our mentors.  Workshops are more relaxed and usually begin with a presentation followed by a Q&A session.
  3. Do you offer activities for homeschoolers?  Yes, we do.  We have hosted several events for homeschool groups.  For more information on past events, click here.  To schedule an event, please click on Request An Event.
  4. Can we have quad-copters or drones?  Yes, there will be drones and several other types of ROVs.  Storage space will be included as part of certain membership levels with rental spaces available to others.  One of the most important features will be the ability of members to vote on the tools and equipment we make available.  Yep, you get to help us decide what type of making we are equipped to do at the space.  Pretty cool, huh?!