Homeschool Makers

Makerspace Forsyth aims to provide a learning environment that encourages a deeper level of thinking, inspires wonder, encourages creative problem solving, embraces collaboration and knowledge sharing yet rewards individual success.

Finding effective, affordable ways to enhance the learning environment is a constant pursuit for many homeschool families.  We choose to homeschool for a myriad of reasons.  From a dissatisfaction with traditional education methods to wanting to provide the best learning environment to satisfy the unique learning needs of our children, finding the right tools and resources can be challenging.

The increased interest in the maker movement from within the homeschool community is not mere coincidence.  The maker movement has the potential to revolutionize how we view learning and can be a great complement to the homeschool curriculum — satisfying the needs of the homeschool family.


Makerspace Forsyth is available to host S.T.E.A.M. (Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. Art) related educational events for most any homeschool group.  We can develop a program to fit your group’s needs based on age, size of group or interests.

Past events have included:

Please contact us to find an event that suits your needs or to schedule an event with your homeschool group.