Fish in Aquaponics

the Fish

Fish are an important part of any aquaponics system since they provide a lot of the raw materials that will be later converted into nutrients for your plants and vegetables. There are two major groups that we can separate the fish into. One group are your ornamental or “pet” fish. These fish are raised solely for their visual appeal and will not be harvested for food. The second group will be raised for food and in some cases even used in feed for other animals. It is important to decide early on whether you will be harvesting your fish for food since there are a few things you can do to your system to optimize them for each group. It is important to consider what environment the fish you choose to raise will thrive in. Some fish do well in dense stocking tanks where others do not do as well. There is also a consideration as far as water temperature to consider. Remember that you will be growing three crops in your system and they all have to be happy in order to get the most out of your system. In a complete closed loop system you will have your fish, beneficial bacteria, and plants. Each of these three have their optimal temperature meaning a temperature that they will produce the most for you.

Types of fish to stock in your system.
Picture Description
 goldfish Goldfish
Very popular in   aquaponics systems because it produces large amounts of ammonia for its size   and is very resilient able to survive harsh conditions. 65F – 85F 8-10 High
 tilapia TilapiaGood fish for   harvesting.  Very easy to raise and   maintain.  Also very robust when it   comes to surviving less than ideal conditions. Around 75F 4-5 Medium
 bass BassVery tasty fish,   slightly harder to maintain than others generally used where restrictions on   exotic fish are enforced. 65F – 75F 2-3 Medium
 catfish CatfishThese are bottom   feeders used to control buildup of solid at the bottom of fish pens.  Can be raised in with other fish without   fear of them competing for food. 75F – 85F 2-3 Low