Vegetables in Aquaponics

the Vegetables

Crops that grow well in these systems. (all numbers are approximate since every system have slight differences)
Picture Description Temperature Range Sunlight Needs Plant Density
lettuce Lettuce
With the variety   of colors, shapes and flavors available, your salads may never be the same.
60F – 70F Full Sun – Part Shade 6 Per Bed
 swiss_chard Swiss Chard
Grown for its   tasty and nutritious leaves and leafstalks, chard is a good substitute for   spinach in most recipes.
65F – 85F Full Sun – Part Shade 8 Per Bed
brussels_sprouts Brussels Sprouts
This cool-season   crop is very flavorful.
55F – 75F Full Sun 6 Per Bed
spinach Spinach
This is an   easy-to-grow, nutritious, cool-season crop that will give you an early   harvest.
50F – 75F Full Sun – Part Shade 8 Per Bed
basil Basil
Basil is an annual herb closely identified with Italian   cooking, although it is originally from India.
70F – 90F Full Sun 10 Per Bed
tomatoes Tomatoes
The most popular   garden vegetable crop, tomatoes come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and   colors.
65F – 75F Full Sun 4 Per Bed