Modular Aquaponic System

The Modular Aquaponics Gardening System is the perfect way to grow organic herbs and vegetables in a pesticide free, soil-less environment right in your own back yard or even your basement.

Plans and classes will be available mid 2015.  We are also considering the possibility of making kits available for delivery and installation in the north Georgia area.  School and homeschool group discounts available.  Contact for more info.

basic system

modular aquaponics system
Basic System with no add-on modules.

 System Features:

  • Grow more plants in a smaller footprint than in-ground or raised bed gardens
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Weather treated lumber for high durability (available in different colors)
  • Included water and air pumps
  • Are a sustainable way of growing vegetables in a soilless, pesticide-free environment inside your home
  • Modular design makes the system easily scalable by giving you the ability to add grow bed and fish pen modules to suit your needs
modular aquaponics_3b_l
System with 2 add-on grow bed modules in “L” configuration.
modular aquaponics_3b_s
System with 2 add-on grow bed modules. Another of the many possible configurations.

Basic System Includes:
[1] fish pen 4′ x 4′ x 18″ (supports 30 goldfish comfortably, other fish can be raised, but may have different stocking ratios)
[1] grow bed 4′ x 4′ x 10″
[1] air pump with diffuser
[1] 500gph water pump with water distribution system
[1] control box (used to control flood/drain cycle)

Dimensions: System is 4′ x 4′ x 4′ assembled.

Capacity: Fish pen holds approximately 235 gallons of water.