Rubble Search Robot

This little one was my first attempt at an autonomous search robot.  Its little MPU is a BASIC Stamp 2 processor.  I tried to keep the number of servos I used to a minimum in order to cut costs and make the robot more compact.  Of course, that also had the effect of limiting mobility slightly.  This was just an experiment to see how small I could make the unit while using off-the-shelf parts and very little modification.  I also wanted something that could be reproduced easily.

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This is some of the software running on the RSB:

PCB Files:

  • EAGLE PCB Files
    • Schematic (rev A)
    • Schematic (rev B)
    • Board Layout (rev B)
  • BOM (rev A)
  • BOM (rev B)

Hardware Files:

  • Parts List
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Leg Template (for wire bending)

Zipped Package (all files above included)