Lights for Kenya

The lights are intended for use in place of the kerosene lamps that are commonly used to read and do schoolwork at night.  The initial build would be for 20 lights.  There are solar powered lanterns and other lighting devices out there already, but the idea is to create something that also creates a connection between our community here and the community in need there.  We are going to hack some solar powered walkway lights in order to turn them into usable lanterns.

The design has been sketched out.  We will set up a build session to modify the lights and get them boxed up.  The goal is to have at least 20 lights ready to take to Kenya by the first week of February.  They will be transported to Bongoma on the 15th of February.

To get the latest news on progress and how you can get involved, follow the link below to the project page.

Lights for Kenya Project

Andres Torres

Andres Torres

I’ve always had an interest in electronics and robotics. I have been tinkering ever since I can remember. Running the makerspace was just a natural next step. I like sharing the knowledge and experiences I've accumulated over the years.

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