Robot Odyssey

4 month robotics training course beginning February 2018.
For more info contact us at  To get news and be notified when registration opens up please join the Robot Odyssey newletter by using the short form in the column to the right.  Space will be limited to 8 students for this course in order to ensure that everyone gets the most out of class time.  We will need a minimum of at least 4 students to make this a viable class.

Taking the bugs out of the code and putting the code into the bugs.  During this course we’ll be using the newly designed Code Mite.  This little robot was conceived right here in our very own Makerspace Forsyth robotics lab.  It is engineered specifically for the purpose of teaching all aspects of robotic design and programming.

A basic knowledge of PC or laptop use.

Age Range:
12 and up (ages 10 to 12 considered on a case by case basis)

Andres Torres

Areas of Study Covered:

  1. Power Systems
  2. Microcontrollers (robot brains)
  3. Motors and Servos (robot muscles)
  4. AI (robot intelligence)
  5. Design for Function & Aesthetics
  6. Test Procedure Development & Project Management

All areas will get about 4 to 6 hours of instruction.  While taking the course you will also have access to the Robotics Club meetings on Friday nights.  At the completion of the course students will received a certificate of completion and will be able to take their Code Mite home with them.