Event Requests

An easy to use form will be available soon.

Our mobile maker events program is up and running.  That means you can have us come to you and host an event right where you are.  We will host anywhere from 6 to 16 makers at a time.  Please contact us for events with over 16 makers [admin@makerspaceforsyth.com].  The event will usually start out with a short class or presentation followed by a hands-on tutorial where you put into practice what you just learned.  Finally there is some time at the end for everyone to share their project and get questions answered if they have any.  We have a variety of learning packages, but we will also create a package for you if there is a certain area of making that the group is interested in.

How do you get us to come over:

  1. Pick a learning or making package.
  2. Tell us how big your group is.
  3. Select a date on the calendar.
  4. You get an invoice for the project kits.
  5. We show up and host your event on the appointed date.

That’s how easy it is.  All you need is the space to host the event.  We bring everything else!

Example mobile setup.
Example of a typical mobile makerspace setup.

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