Robotics Club Meeting

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Date(s) - 02/03/2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Makerspace Forsyth


This Meeting:
We will continue work on the individual projects as well as the sumo robots.  The focus will be on drive motors and servo control.  Now that we’ve covered the basics we’ll get right to work building a test rig for waiving a distraction flag.  This project will be used to learn servo control in order to help us implement different sumo robot competition strategies.

To prepare for our next meeting please look over the following examples in the Arduino IDE:

  1. Sweep – under the Servo examples
  2. Analog Input
  3. Button

Also take a look at the Zumo Pin Assignment and Project Worksheet.  The download links are at the bottom of the Robotics Club page.

Discussion Group:

  • techniques for electronic part salvage
  • dremmel and PLA – techniques for modifying your 3D print
  • shifting center of gravity for robot stability

Maker Mentor:
Andres Torres

What to Bring:
Something to take notes.  Your robotics project if you have one.  Laptop as well if you have one.


Reservations are closed for this event.

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