Makerspace Update for June 2017

We are in the process of making changes to the way the makerspace operates.  We are going to run as a learning space from now on, meaning that we will be more focused on classes and workshops than “one of” events.  There will be a teaching series going on during our Tuesday 6pm to 8pm sessions.  Classes and workshops will be centered around electronics and robotics.  Wednesdays will continue to be open builds.  The robotics club will be starting back up soon so keep an eye out for that.  Space there is limited, so please be sure to reserve your seat ahead of time.  Please check the calendar for any changes in hours and closings.  You should notice the calendar filling out within the next week.

We will go away from memberships and go to a pay per session or pay per series format.  This means that tools usage will be covered by buying a day pass.  We do not currently have a large enough member base to cover cost of running the makerspace.  Other avenues of income are currently being developed, which include marketing our very own Arduino based learning kits.  To that end, our online store will be up soon.

That last thing I want to cover is the upcoming availability of classroom space for reservations.  We are setting up one of our rooms to make it available for anyone to reserve for classes or workshops of their own.  The reservation form will be up on the website soon or you can contact us at for more information.

We are working to keep Makerspace Forsyth affordable and open to the community.  Feel free to contact us at any time at with any questions or suggestions.  To make a contribution please follow this link [Donate].  Any contributions you make go directly to keeping the lease paid and the lights on.  Thank you.

Andres Torres

Andres Torres

I’ve always had an interest in electronics and robotics. I have been tinkering ever since I can remember. Running the makerspace was just a natural next step. I like sharing the knowledge and experiences I've accumulated over the years.

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