Progress Update 12/16/16

Next year is going to be a fun packed, busy year.  We have a ton of events, classes, and workshops going up on the calendar for you.  Check the calendar often at this link to stay up-to-date on the latest.  If you don’t see what you are looking for listed please contact us at and we’ll see if we can set it up and put it on the calendar.

In order to make the making go smoother next year we will be under construction until the 2nd of January (we will still have activities going on even while we are under construction).  My goal is to have all the shelving and workbenches installed by the end of that time.  We also have the bit of work left in the Benchtop Manufacturing room to do in order to get the CNC machine up and running.  An aquaponics system will also be moving into the Activity room where it should benefit from the light that floods that room during the daylight hours.  There will be opportunities for volunteers once we get all the shelving up to start sorting parts and materials into their respective bins.  There will be more information on how you can get involved and participate in other community activities soon.

The hope is that we will have enough member support next year to cover the makerspace’s operating costs.  To this end, starting in January we will have advertising campaigns and fund raisers going.  If you haven’t done so already, please spread the word about he makerspace so that we can continue to provide this important resource to all the makers in our community.

Andres Torres

Andres Torres

I’ve always had an interest in electronics and robotics. I have been tinkering ever since I can remember. Running the makerspace was just a natural next step. I like sharing the knowledge and experiences I've accumulated over the years.

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